The Year of the Bucklings

Kidding has started and it’s always a time that we look forward to. It’s a time every breeder looks to see who the new breeding stock will be for the upcoming years. We’ve had 3 does kid so far.

Mocha had a doeling and buckling. Mischone had her kids 2 days later and surprisingly had 2 bucklings. We had a lull for a few days. Zuzu, one of our doesborn the first year here on our farm had hers yesterday 1/29/19 and she had a single kid, a buckling.

So although we’re super delighted that we’ve not faced any problems so far this year. We’re distinctly lacking in doelings born this year and a bit over run with bucklings.

We still have 2 more does to kid. We’re hoping for a couple pair of does to balance out all these bucks.