The Wood Bloodline

There are very few known Wood Bloodline Goats that are identified. Unfortunately, as far as we know, when the Woods sold goats, they didn’t encourage others to specifically breed the same bloodline. The number of known Wood goats has seriously dwindled and it is our objective now to encourage others to breed this bloodline and help us regenerate the number of Wood goats, which are known for their exceptional cashmere quality and generally friendly dispositions.

Our partner breeder in Ohio has unfortunately concluded that he didn’t have sufficient amounts of time to pursue this project as well as address his other commitments, so he’s asked that we help sell his herd. This past weekend Feb 8-10 we drove to Ohio to collect the balance of the Wood herd from him and bring them to our farm. We will be selling these precious darlings to only those who are committed to help breed up the bloodline. It’s a labor of love for us now, and we recognize that we are now shepherding something that is on the verge of extinction. It’s also scary to realize that we’re the sole keepers of this bloodline for the immediate time being.

We have two other brave farmers who have contacted us and who have expressed an interest in in breeding this bloodline. We are working now to set them up with quality starter herds. If you’re interested in becoming involved in our conservation effort, please contact us.