Tearing out the old

This property has been neglected for many years prior to our purchase. In the far back end of the property sat an old riding arena that hadn’t been used for probably at least 20 years. The trees keep falling and crushing sections of the fence and last winter we had another one take down a big section.

This past weekend the weather was beautiful and we decided that it was time to take down the rest of the fence. We had to pick up a lot of trees that had uprooted and branches that had fallen. That was an enormous project in itself. Then we had to cut out saplings that had grown around the fencing so we could get to the fencing easily. Once we picked up all the downed wood we used the wood chipper and chipped up a giant pile which we spread out around the new fruit trees which we had planted last summer.

On Sunday we began pulling down that old fence. It took us about 5 hours to get it all down. We put the wood on the trailer to haul up near the house and burn it, and we rolled up all the old wire weld fencing to go into the garbage. The entire area just look so great without that junky fence. We slowly continue to make progress on the area. We still have a lot of standing dead trees and branches that have fallen down that need to be addressed back there but this is a nice start.