Stud Service

Lightning Bug- such a gorgeous big boy

As we try to bring up the percentage of the Wood bloodline in our Spanish Goats we find that we are unable to use Lightning Bug in our breeding because he is not high enough in the Wood bloodline.  So he was a very unhappy boy this summer when the girls began going into heat.  

We’ve had him for sale and we’ve been unable to find the right home for him.  This fall we finally decided that we would lease him out for stud service as that would make him happy, and he would still be able to spread his great genetics. 

We’ve been talking to various different people as they consider whether they want to breed the Wood bloodline. One of those people already have an existing herd of cashmere goats but they are seriously considering going into the Wood line. In the mean time, they needed a buck for their herd.  We came to the mutual decision that using Lightning Bug for their stud this winter would work for them.  He left the farm Sunday 12/2 and we expect him back in a couple of months.  

If you have Spanish goats, or are looking for a stud cashmere goat, contact us by email and we will find a good buck to send for your herd.