Sometimes People are Crappy

Doesn’t the photograph really say it all? Someone purposely plowed into both of our garbage cans this morning some time between 8:45-9:30. Spreading garbage all over the place so that it was blowing down the street. Breaking 2 brand new garbage cans. For what reason? I had to call the police to get a police report so that the garbage service doesn’t charge me the full price to replace the cans, this made me an hour late for work and will still cost me $100 to replace both cans because they’re both very broken. I had to pick up all the garbage. I had to carefully climb down into a poison ivy covered ditch and drag the second can up a steep hill. Note: I’m severely allergic to poison ivy and if I get a rash it can easily last 3-6 months for me. Plus I’m pretty certain we missed the pick up of garbage too.

Thank you ASSHOLE! Whoever you are. You’re truely a world class troglodite.