Running a Web Site

Neither of us are in the IT profession. We’ve learned how to do things along with everyone else in the past 20 years.  It’s amazing how far things have come and how much technology has changed.  Even 20 years ago web sites were in their infancy and it took someone who had some schooling to create them.  Usually only people who were in business carried cellphones around, and the cell phones that we had certainly couldn’t do all the things that they can do today.  

Today, every business is expected to have a web site.  What’s the first thing you do when you hear about a business you might be interested in?  you do a internet search and look at their web site.  

It’s been an interesting challenge putting up this web site.  I hear GoDaddy advertisements that claim you can create your web site in 1 hour and I audibly LOL.  Really!?! It’s taken me days to figure out some things like how to create sub menus because there are no directions and if you are lucky enough to find directions about how to do some things, the people who write the directions don’t even consider that someone who’s reading what they wrote might not be schooled in tech, so they use industry terms, make a lot of assumptions about how much one should already know,  and write out incomplete directions because they think everyone will know what they’re talking about.  So many times, I’ve had to research terms in the directions just to try to get a grasp on what they are saying, and usually when I figure it out, I realize that they skipped some steps or gave incomplete directions about what I was supposed to be doing, which is why I had such difficulty.  Sure, it’s so much easier to do it nowadays and most people can muddle their way through it, but I’d never say it is simple because there’s a learning curve to all of it.

The Narragansett Turkeys @ 4 mos old

I wanted to put short video clips on the website. I had first to learn what one needs to do in order to upload a video into the web site.  Thankfully, my boss is very tech savvy and she’s helped me with a lot of it.  She checks my web site and then will suggest ideas that will make it better.  I’m so appreciative of her help as I know it’s made the site so much better than how I originally set it up.  Take a look at the short video clip on this page.  Easy right?  just upload it into the site. It’s taken me 4 hours to figure out how to get the videos out of my phone and uploaded.  even though I had a general idea of how to do it. So the next time you see a very rudimentary website and you think “geesh what a horrible site, these people have no idea what they’re doing”.  If you have never created a web site, try to remember, that it’s not as easy as you think it is.