Pekin Ducks

Our first foray into ducks didn’t quite end up how we envisioned, but that’s how farming goes sometimes.   We ended up only having 1 female so we culled the males down to 1 also.  When she grew to breeding age we were very excited and waited for her to begin laying eggs.  Unfortunately,  when she created a nest and began laying eggs, a predator found her.  We found the nest with 1 egg in it, but our female duck was no where to be found.  End of the duck experiment part 1.  We ended up having to cull the last lonely male.

Ducks part 2.  We purchased Pekin ducks June of 2020.  They are much more tame than the Rouen ducks we had.  We currently have 9 females and a few males.  In May of 2021 we incubated some eggs and have some ducklings.  We also sell duck eggs, which are absolutely delicious.

Duck Rescue:

Recently we’ve had many requests from people looking for a new home for their ducks. We aren’t a duck sanctuary but we are compassionate and might consider it.  If we take in a “rescue”, please understand that we have an existing flock and sometimes newcomers aren’t treated nicely by the old timers.  I might give it away to someone else too.  We Really don’t want to mix different breeds, and too many males are definitely a problem.  Please call me or text me if you are looking for a home for your ducks. 440-339-9186 I can’t promise I’ll take them, but I’ll try to help you.  I know several other people who might take them and I can make some calls.

Pekin Ducks
Pekin Ducks

Laying Hens- Golden Buff Comets

The variety of laying he that we like the most is the Golden Buff Comet.  The Golden Comet is also known as Golden Buff, Gold Sex Link, Cinnamon Queen, and Red Star. They are a hybrid cross of various types. That includes the leghorn and Rhode Island red. Their coloring is typically reddish-brown.  Sex links mean that their coloring denotes the sex, so when you order them you know that there will never be a mistake in the sex of the chick you are sent. It’s a hardy bird that does well in cold climates. This variety is famous for their prolific egg production which is why we like them.  So although we do not have a wide variety of colors and plumage, what we are getting is about 30+ eggs a day out of our birds.  I buy this type of chicken because, after all, if you’re going to pay the extra price to raise organic laying hens, what you really want are the eggs, not a bunch of pretty birds that only lay a couple of eggs a week.

We don’t sell chickens for meat.  Laying hens are tough and unpalatable.