Organic Brown Eggs

Golden Buff Comet chickens from our experience are the best laying hen if you want a lot of large brown eggs.  They aren’t fancy with a lot of variety and different colors, but each mature hen will lay 5-6 eggs per week.  We purchased 24 which we received March 20, 2018 and the girls have finally started laying after about 18 long weeks of waiting. We decided that we will only feed them organic feed and we will give them an hand full of weeds from the yard (we don’t use fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides on our yard), fruit and vegetable scraps such as the seeds to green peppers, or cores from apples for excitement and variety.

It’s so exciting to finally have fresh eggs.

Additionally, we are selling the surplus because we certainly will not use 20 eggs per day.  If you live in the Northern Atlanta Suburbs, the Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming corridor and you want eggs, text me to make certain that I have enough to fill your order before you stop by 440-339-9186