New Puppy

After losing both of our Great danes in the past 3 years we are without a dog.  We had a lot of time to accept that Scooby was not going to last long, so as a family we discussed whether we waited to get a new dog, or start looking right away.  Everyone was in complete agreement that getting a new dog right away was what they wanted.  So although I just posted about Scooby, it was a week ago that we lost him.  We have been looking for a new puppy for the past week and we have finally found a gorgeous little guy and we are excited to get him.

We haven’t even named him yet.  We just put the deposit down on him this morning and Mike and I have to drive 11+ hours each direction to Ohio to go pick him up.  Doesn’t matter.  We’re excited and so will be on a road trip next weekend to go get him.