Our Great Dane Scooby, (he was a rescue who came with that name) has struggled with diabetes and poor health for the past 3 years.  When originally diagnosed, our vet who sees a lot of Great Danes, said that he had never treated a Great Dane with diabetes, so it was a learning experience for both of us.  the insulin for dogs was so expensive and would have cost us over $300 per month so after a lot of research I figured out that I could give him human insulin.  Thankfully Walmart sells an insulin they formulate themselves that they sell for $25 a vial so for a little more than $30 per month we were able to keep Scooby alive for an additional 3 years.  Unfortunately an 11 year old Great Dane is truly at the very end of his lifespan and in the past week he stopped eating and was in obvious pain.  e yelped when getting up or even yawning.  He lay in the same spot all day and barely moved.  We made the difficult decision to have him put to rest when the entire family could be with him.

He had a hard beginning to life with the abuse and trauma that he experienced, but he had a great and fulfilling life with us.  He thoroughly enjoyed the farm and the goats and we are convinced the one thing that kept him going was his expectation that he got to go see the goats and LGD’s every day. Rest in Peace Scooby.  You were loved immensely and we’ll miss you.