Doe is Down~Won’t Get Up

Lacy Down & won’t get up

1/24/19 We’re expecting kids to be born any day now and since Mike’s working from home right now, fortunately he’s able to pop out to the barn to keep an eye on things a couple of times during the day. He went out today around 1:30 and found Lacy Laying outside in a mud puddle. He couldn’t get her to stand up. Since she’s very pregnant he assumed that she possibly was in labor so he and our son picked her up and moved her inside the barn into a stall with a heat lamp. I got home from work around 2 pm and we went out to the barn to see what was going on. We did not like what we saw. She hadn’t moved and was all hunched up.

We’re constantly learning new things and today was a good example. We googled and found that sometimes pregnant does go into Ketosis. As we researched what to do we found a recipe that someone had posted on in the comments section of the calcium drench. Seems many people have experienced adverse reactions from the calcium drench because it’s very caustic and will burn their esophagus. in order to mitigate this, people put it into stuff. We followed the recipe, making a couple of alterations to accommodate the ingredients we had on hand.

We mixed up 3 Oz Red Cell, 2 Oz Molasses, 1 Oz calcium drench, 2 scoops of electrolyte powder, 1 Tbsp brown sugar dissolved in a little bit of warm water, 1 dose of selenium. We also gave her 6 ML Vitamin B complex subcutaneously.

We did not administer this mixture using a drench gun because it did not taste bad and we did not want to traumatize her. So we used large syringes and just slowly squeezed the mixture into her mouth allowing her to swallow it down. Amazingly, within about 3 minutes of finishing it she was trying to stand. Mike helped her up and she remained standing and then walked to the hay feeder and began eating as though nothing was wrong.

SUCCESS! I love it when these things work !