Cashmere Harvest

We’ve been harvesting the cashmere from the goats for the past couple of months.  We comb out the cashmere so it doesn’t all come out at once.  Each goat needs to be combed several times to get most of their cashmere.  The nice thing about harvesting it this way is that combing them is time for the goats to get more acquainted with us and get used to being handled.  Some of them love it and usually the young ones are not certain exactly what it’s all about.

Lightning Bug is by far the largest producer of cashmere, the picture is one combing from him and we still got more from him after this.

We haven’t figured out where to send the cashmere yet for processing,  That’s the next step and then we can begin selling it.  It’s all an adventure in learning how to do it the best way.