And Then There Were Three

Earlier we wrote about ducks we have in the pond. As they have become adults one of the ducks which we thought was a female. This was because in Rouens the beaks of the males are green and the females are orange. Her beak was orange but over the past few months her plumage became very curious. Her bottom underside was brown like you would expect with a female but her top of her head slowly has turned green, as she developed a ring only around the back of her neck and her back also became light gray colored like a boy.

We’ve been wondering is she transgender? What the heck is happening? Then we began noticing that the males seemed to be attacking her, chasing her off and every day when we’d fee them we noticed that she would stay further and further away and wait until all the others had eaten before she would come near the food dish.

Last week I went in the morning to feed them and there were only 3 ducks that came to the food dish. I called and searched but the outcast oddball duck seems to have gone.

As we did some searching we found that there is another type of duck called a Silver Appleyard duck that looks very similar to the Rouen except that they are smaller and the males have the split in plumage colors that we observed our missing duck has.

So we now surmise that the missing duck was actually another male and because he was so different they were ostracizing him. Because he is smaller and is a variety of duck that can fly, he must have finally gotten tired of the abuse he was suffering and left the pond.