A Little Bit of Maintenance

If you’ve had goats then you know that they require quite a bit of maintenance. Hooves need to be trimmed a few times a year, they need to be monitored for stomach worm infestations, Annual vaccines for Pneumonia, CDT. And then with cashmere goats they also need their cashmere combed out in the spring if you want to harvest it.

The 5 Wood line goats we went and picked up last weekend seem to be pretty healthy looking but we noticed that all were limping a bit. This means that they all need their hooves trimmed and they probably have some hoof rot going on. Problem, these girls are pretty feral.

The owner of them doesn’t have a lot of different pens and he let them run and do as they pleased on his property, but this means these girls are not used to being touched. I’m not criticizing him because when we got our goats originally, ours were the same way, but over the past couple of years they have gotten used to us. We found that instead giving everyone grain in a communal trough they were more calm if we put each in their own pen and gave them a small amount of grain. This allowed us to touch each of them and handle them. They have thus all gotten used to us and we can touch them without having to chase them.

We’ve been working on these 5 Wood girls all week trying to build some trust. Two of them, both without names 524 and 614 are very friendly and will approach us and eat grain out of our hand. Black Betty is stand offish but will come over and quickly take a nibble of grain but won’t hang near us long. She’s also very suspicious of us, so if we move at all while doing this, she bolts away. Her doeling (also unnamed, a gorgeous red and black robust girl) acts like she’s never been touched before and we can’t even get close to her. Lastly, Lil Snooks will not come close enough for us to even bribe her with grain. We’re working on her and I actually got her to come eat out of a bucket yesterday, but again, if I move at all, she bolts away. She’s also the lowest one on the hierarchy and is obviously bullied by Black Betty so that probably has something to do with her skittishness and that will probably improve when Black Betty goes to her new home next week.

Mike got sly this morning and gave them some grain and got them all into the barn in 2 stalls. We then took each out and trimmed their hooves. OH MY!! I don’t think I’ve seen hooves that bad since we first trimmed our goats hooves after we got them. Lots of severely over grown hooves and lots of hoof rot going on. We’ll have to recheck them in a couple of weeks and clean them again.

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  1. They might be a little traumatized today, however, they will thank you for it as they feel better! Thank you!

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