Update on Rejected Kids

We’re going to admit here that raising bottle baby kids is no easy task. We’ve been fortunate so far that the kids we’ve had to supplement with bottle feeding have all stayed with their mother so she did the bulk of taking care of the kids. Having the total responsibility of bottle feeding and raising a precious, newborn kid is a completely different experience that demands loads of time and energy. Anyone who willingly does this either has no idea what they are getting themselves into or they are gluttons for sleep deprivation and stress.

The first 2 weeks were hairy, not gonna lie to you about this. The totally black doe and also the smallest was not thriving the first week and a half and we worried continuously that she was not going to make it. She wasn’t sucking the bottle so we learned to tube feed. Which, is not what you want as it’s easy to overfeed them and they need to learn how to nurse. All the details of this are in the post titled “Poor Sucking Reflex”. Once we got her through this period things smoothed out, and have gotten easier as they have gotten older. They are now about 7 weeks old and are thriving and doing very well. We have put them in with Bitty Betty and her doeling and although she doesn’t really take care of them, she also doesn’t reject them or beat them up and they are great buddies with her doeling.

We’ve got them taking a bottle now 3 times per day and they are eating hay, grass and grain and doing well. We’re excited to see these two beautiful girls grow up to be great assets to the expansion of the Wood Bloodline. They and their mother have been sold along with several others and we’re excited to see them go to their new home in Oregon.