Spanish Goats

Wood line

This line of Spanish goats is perhaps one of the most rare of all the lines of Spanish goats.  We did not realize when we purchased them exactly how rare they were as we were only looking for cashmere producing goats.

It’s a story of serendipity.  After finding the Cashmere Goat Association’s website which has a spread sheet listing of breeders. We  tried to contact many of them but were not having much luck.  We found an address but no phone numbers for the Woods in Ohio, so we wrote a letter and sent it snail mail.  Even though the Woods had moved 13 years prior, a worker in the post office knew who they were & that they were still living in the area and he set the letter aside. When one of Ann’s friends was in the post office, her told her he had the letter and asked if she would let Ann know that it was waiting for her.   Ann called me and we had a 90+ minute long conversation during which she revealed that they were in the process of dispersing their farm.  We were fortunate that Ann & Bob Wood sold us the top producers and purest of their herd.  We intend to find others to share in expanding the numbers of Wood Spanish Goats.  If you would like to join us in this mission to save the Wood line, we encourage you to contact us.



Lamb is not a meat that most people eat primarily because it is prohibitively expensive.  Once you’ve had good grass fed lamb you will feel like you’ve discovered Nirvana.  We don’t expect that we will have lambs born until the spring of 2019.It won’t be until 2020 before this project is up and running.