New Hay Feeders

Amazing New Hay Feeder

I have to give credit on this one to our friend Joe in Ohio who sent me a picture of his new hay feeder made out of an IBC. I was immediately jealous as I saw what he had built. I showed Mike and we decided that this would be a great solution to our problem of hay feeders in the more remote pastures.

We scoured CraigsList until we found someone giving them away for free. The IBC containers we got were used for storing nontoxic dye solution for mulch. PERFECT!

We used a 16′ sheep and goat panel cut to size to create the V inside to hold the hay, and used hose clamps to attach the panel to the IBC frame. One panel was enough for 2 feeders.

Since the dye wouldn’t come out of the plastic container we knew we couldn’t use it for water storage. We also knew that we we needed a roof over the hay feeder because we didn’t want the hay getting wet and then moldy, so initially we though we’d cut out one side of the plastic tub. As we studied the plastic tub trying to figure out exactly where to cut it the large side seemed to cave downward. This would not be ideal as rainwater would sit on top of it and if there was enough rain the weight of it might even collapse the top. What we needed was something triangular in shape to give it more support & we hit on the idea of cutting the plastic diagonally so that it was very strong and stable. It worked perfectly! Currently we just have it cinched down with a ratchet strap. We want to create a hinge for it using more hose clamps but just haven’t done that yet.

This bad boy holds an entire square bale of hay and lasts the goats and lambs 2-3 days. They LOVE It and we love that it cost us about $95 for 2 feeders, is all metal and heavy enough that the wind won’t blow it over and it won’t get weathered.