New Buck Pen & Shelter

Hangin’ in the Man Cave.

We’ve had a couple of instances over the past two years when someone forgot to lock the gate between the boys and the girls and we had some impromptu mixers. GAHHH! unplanned breedings are never a good thing when you’re trying to breed up the percentage of a rare bloodline.

We’ve had best intentions to get the buck shelter put up, but there’s a long list of projects and every weekend is often attending to the most important tasks that needs to be done instead of what we want to do. Getting the perimeter fencing redone so that there weren’t holes and sections down took precedence this summer. Then we had a tree go down over the newly secured perimeter fencing. We got the buck pen fencing on the back side of the pond re-fenced so there weren’t gaps, but finding the time to put up shelter was challenging.

With the impending due date for kidding quickly approaching, We’ve finally found enough time to work on that buck shelter. and were able to get the boys in there in the knick of time just days before kidding started.

The boys aren’t exactly thrilled as it’s the first time they’ve been far away from the girls, but we’ll have no more “accidents” in the future.

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