New Additions

We’ve found a gorgeous Ram for our Ewes Heidi & Elsie.  We did a marathon weekend trip up to Ohio to pick him up and back in 1 1/2 days.  His name is Magic Mike (yes, not sure what the breeders were thinking with that one).  He’s about 18 mos old and he’s a gorgeous monster.  We can’t wait to see the fall lambs.

We also ordered 20 laying hens which arrived this morning.  We didn’t go for variety as we’ve had hens before and found the best all around layers are Golden comets.

We’ve also ordered meat chickens, although shipped about the same time as the layers, have not yet arrived.

Lastly, Due around the beginning of June the Narangansett Turkeys and ducks should arrive rounding out the new additions for this year.

We have a lot of work setting up the pens for all, but we still have about 2 months to complete those projects.