Lamb Heimlich?!?

Just when you think it is a normal day.   We were getting all of the animals settled for the evening, when suddenly one of our Hampshire Ewes, Elsie, began dry choking and heaving.   We had never experienced THAT before!    It wasn’t long before small bits of grass and green digested matter were coming up through her nose, covered in yellow mucous; and she was blowing white saliva bubbles from her mouth.  Mike tried to get his hand down her throat to clear anything, only have his finger bit by her strong molars.   After about 2 minutes of this, JoAnne ran in to consult with the Google-y Gods of farm knowledge, while Mike tried to keep her nose and throat passages clear with a towel, wiping away anything and everything that came up.  Another few minutes passed, which seemed like hours, and then, just as suddenly, she dislodged whatever was ailing her.   She instantly began crunching on whatever came up, and seemed unfazed by it all.   Mike continued to wipe her clean for a bit, but then went indoors once convinced that she was acting normally.   What JoAnne learned in her quick research is hoist their rear feet onto a hay bale, to allow gravity help them clear the blockage.   It also said that you can pound on their sides, I guess which acts as a heimlich type maneuver, and massage their throat over the full length from lower end to upper end to help dislodge it as well.  This condition occurs if they eat grain or hay too quickly, and it can get lodged in their normal existing mucous, causing this gagging or choking.   No photographs of the event, which I’m sure is probably appreciated.    But all is well, and another animal crisis averted!