Invasive Spiders Are Taking Over My Farm

Joro Spiders invade North Georgia

We’re being invaded by the Joro Spider. It’s an invasive species that came from Asia. They have a crazy large number of offspring. It’s reported to be between 400-1200. So where last year we only saw a couple of them, this year we are overwhelmed with hundreds of them. They are stringing their tough golden webs from every tree branch, and porch pillar and soffit. It’s crazy how many there are and as soon as I kill one then another one shows up. I’ve learned that they will occupy an existing web, so I don’t remove the webs that are convenient for me to reach. I just wait for another spider to move in and then I kill them.

I’m not typically afraid of spiders, but these things are creepy looking and get enormous. I kill them when I find them because if what we’ve experienced in the past 2 years is indicative of how many there will be next year, I’m a little afraid.