Injured Baby Duck

In early October we received a call from some local teens who were driving near the high school a nd spotted an injured baby duckling on the side of the road. They stopped and picked him up. They had called all the local rescues and none of them would take the duckling. They found our website and called me. I told them I would take the duckling.

He obviously had been attacked by something because he had what looked like a few punctures on the top of his head, he wouldn’t stand on the left leg and he had an injured wing. I believe that he was attacked by a hawk and dropped. Lucky for him those girls spotted him.

We gave him food, water, a few days of penicillin shots and a B vitamin shot. He survived his injuries and is now swimming happily in our pond along with the other 12 ducks we have.

This short video is a week after we first got him:

This video is at about 2 weeks into his recovery: