Hand Made Soaps

I’ve read that we are exposed to between 20-40 different chemicals every day between the cosmetics & fragrances we use as well as cleaning products and even nonstick coatings on cookware (Did you know there are no protective regulations about chemical off gassing for cookware?) .  

It’s been a gradual understanding for our family as to just how many chemicals we are exposed to over our lifetime.  We have slowly moved to try to control and limit our exposure to those chemicals. 

Our attempts to diminish our chemical exposure range from using stainless steel, and cast iron cookware, to making the conscious decision to not have pest control services nor yard fertilizer services come spray around the house.  Pest control is done by using diatomaceous earth, and just squishing the bugs. The chickens are fed all organic food, so we know that the eggs are not contaminated and we have raised our own meat chickens for the same reason. 

Making our own hand made soaps and lotions in our kitchen at home in Alpharetta, Georgia is another way to accomplish a cleaner environment for ourselves.  It’s been fun to learn about the process of saponification, as well we have a good understanding about what we are putting on our largest, most absorbent organ, our skin.