We have one doe named Coco who always seems to leave us waiting for weeks and weeks after all the others give birth before she does.

The first year we had her it was tragic. We waited and waited, finally a full 2 months after all the others birthed, she went into labor. It wasn’t good. She only had one kid and it had a severely deformed mouth, couldn’t stand and couldn’t nurse. We took it to the vet and he suggested euthanizing it. I asked him whether she needed to see the deceased baby. He dismissed this as a silly idea, so being new to all this with goats I believed him. This was probably one of the worst things we could have done. This poor doe was totally distraught and looked for that baby for months afterwards. Any chance she could get to escape out the way she knew her baby had gone when we went to the vet, she did and she called and called it. I felt awful that I didn’t trust my instincts and let her see that dead baby.

So last year she was very pregnant and about a month after all the others, she had triplets. Two does and a buckling all very healthy and robust.

On March 17, 2019 she finally had her kids. again, all the other kids are about 6-7 weeks old already and Coco has looked like she was going to explode for weeks now.

She had a buckling and a doeling. Unfortunately the doeling is very small and weak. She looks like she’s underdeveloped while the buckling looks to be in great robust health and full size. When she stands it looks like her joints aren’t strong enough to stay tight so her ankles bow out and she’s not standing on the hooves quite right. She can get up and walk but she’s obviously very weak. I’m not sure how that happens, but if I had to guess she must not have had good umbilical connections or maybe the cord was slightly kinked so that she didn’t get as much nutrition as she needed? Mama was given good selenium supplement and vitamins while pregnant but maybe it just wasn’t enough? We’ve supplemented her with Replaimin and Vitamin B complex. Mama is taking good care of her and letting her nurse and I think she’s strong enough to make it, but in any event, I’m not going interfere. I learned my lesson there and if she doesn’t make it, then I’m going to let Coco take some time with the deceased baby before we dispose of it.