If you ask us questions we will be happy to respond by using the contact form.  If it’s a really good question, we might post it here so that others can learn from your brilliance.

Do You Allow Farm Visits?

We occasionally allow farm visits.  Please be considerate of our time and ask before you drop in expecting us to entertain you.  We’re often very busy and farm visits often take 90 minutes – 2 hours.

What’s your COVID Policy?

We are vaccinated and boosted.  If you’re also vaccinated and boosted and we are not in the middle of another new COVID strain surge, then we might not need to mask, but this remains a fluid situation and we reserve the right to ask you to mask if we feel it’s necessary.

I’ve never had goats, Chickens, ducks, or a farm will you help me learn how to take care of them?

yes.  I have a goat care guide put together and I’m happy to help anyone learn how to take care of goats or any other animal.  If you want information about how to start a farm I can offer you plenty of advice.  Call or text JoAnne 440-339-9186

Can I buy eggs?

If you want eggs (we sell both organic chicken and duck eggs) Please call or text JoAnne 440-339-9186.   We are often working on filling placed orders and rarely have extra stock. Please note that the chickens will slow down laying in the winter time so there may be a longer wait.  I do not take large orders.  Please remember that we are not a grocery store. If you want more than 6 dozen I don’t have the capacity to fill large orders and keep all my regular customers happy. You should call me or text me to see if I have enough.  Please expect that it can take a few days to fill larger orders.

Do you take rescue animals I’m trying to find a home for?

Ducks: We have taken ducklings in the past, if you are trying to rehome a duck please call me 440-339-9186. I prefer Pekin ducks. Please note that I cannot promise that any male ducks will stay on my farm as I’m currently maxed out in drakes.  I will try to find a new home for any ducks that I don’t want to keep on my farm.

Chickens: I will consider taking laying hens depending upon their age, but I will NOT take roosters.  Understand that chickens will typical only lay eggs for a short number of years.  I will not take chickens that are not laying eggs.

Cows, horses, donkeys: We do not have large enough facilities to house these types of farm animals, plus we do not know how to properly take care of them.  There are rescues in the area such as Save the Horses that would be more likely to take these large farm animals.

Goats or Sheep: It’s likely we will take these.  Give me a call and we can discuss

What’s your return policy?

Return of our soap or lotions as long as it’s unused-within 30 days of purchase. 25% restocking fee.  If product was defective or used, please call before returning.

Goats:  We’ll take back any goat that was purchased from us.  In fact we encourage you to contact us if you’ve bought a goat that you no longer want….please don’t resell randomly without contacting us first and giving us the opportunity to take the animal back.

Eggs: We do not take egg returns

Do you ship (soaps & lotions) overseas and to P.O. boxes?

NO to shipping overseas, but YES to P.O. boxes.  Currently we will only ship to the United States & Canada.

What is your privacy Policy?

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What about Cookies?

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