Handmade soaps

Our soap is made at our home in Alpharetta, Georgia in small batches with the best ingredients we can find. The tallow in these recipes has been rendered at home from fresh tallow. Each batch will be unique and may not be repeated unless we find it was in high enough demand to remake another batch. If you live in the Sandy Springs, Roswell, Cumming corridor you are welcome to pick up your order. If you live further away we are happy to ship to you anywhere in the United States.


Organic Brown Eggs

We have 24 Golden Buff Comet laying hens who give us about 21 eggs daily.  They have been fed only organic feed since the day we received them from the hatchery at 1 day old.  The eggs are washed with a light soaping and they are put in the refrigerator outside the front door.  If you live in the area and you would like to purchase eggs ($5.00 per dozen)  it is best to text first to make certain that we have enough to fill your order 440-339-9186.  If we do not have enough, I can save the next laying available for you to fill your order.