A crazy way to start the day

I left the house this morning with about 10 minutes of extra time to get to my appointment.  Since I wasn’t going far that should have been enough time….but I got up the hill only to find the entire driveway blocked by branches. 

A pine tree had fallen that we had on the remove list from this past summer. Because if it’s precarious position between 2 fence lines and the driveway, the tree removal company had talked us out of it.  They told us, they could get that tree, but it would take a lot of time because they would have to climb it, or we could opt to have more of the trees in a different area taken out, for the same price.  We opted for the others and have been eyeing this tree all summer as it appeared to die. 

Sometimes, I can’t believe our incredible luck.  With the high winds last night the tree came down.  I don’t think the tree guys could have had better aim.  It fell parallel to the driveway, falling between the edge of the driveway and the other large pines which is about a 6′ gap.  Completely missing both fences and the newly repaved asphalt, and only blocking the driveway because of the branches and the little tree it took down.  I think we just saved about $700.  YEAH!